Sunday, 12 February 2017

The end.

As with every good story or adventure, they come to an end.  The year and a half I spent aboard, was indescribably AMAZING, something that forever will live in my memories.. I met lots of amazing people, made friends and was humbled by the entire experience. I put Wollombi II up for sale, beginning of July and she has been sold. The selling process was not as pleasant as the purchase, still it is over and done.


From Wollombi II and myself, I thank all the people who provided support encouragement and friendship - Thank you all..

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Rhode Island - The End

22 June 69NM
Rhode Island 69NM

I set off early again as I was looking forward to some rest after the last few days.   The sunrise is one of the nicer ones I can recall, there was no wind, which just added to the effect.. The wind was pretty much calm, up till we got to the Newport, then it turned from a Southerly to a NW, and from that point on, I had the wind pretty much all the time on the nose..  It got a bit frustrating as there was about 0.5kt current against and the wind, typical, when you want to get to port it takes for *EVER*..  I eventually got to port..

With about 8NM to go, I double checked the chart and I had a bit of a surprise, according to the chart, the entry to the harbour was 2.1m - which meant I would have to wait for high tide.. The other worrying thing is the chart had the depth in the marina as the same - which would mean I would be in mud on the low tide.  The office was closed by now and I was a bit concerned and I called Dana (yacht Broker, who will handle the selling of the boat) and let him know my concern - he assured me that they had dredged the harbour.  I decided I would enter at a snails pace any any time I touched bottom, I would leave..  Fortunately I never did and in no time, i was tied to the dock, thus ending the epic journey...
Haunting sunrise

Saftley at port..

Orient Point - Long Island

21 June - 77 NM

I set off early in the am - the forecast was for a big storm to pass through, by the time I had finished breakfast, the winds had picked up and you could hear the lightning, but fortunately it pass pretty quickly - I was pretty glad I opted to do this route as opposed to going on the outside...  The wind died down  and I was under slave power for the entire day, with the wind lending a hand from 1200 to about 1800 directly from behind.  It was really nice to be out the Atlantic as it was  a perfectly calm ride as opposed to a rocking ride...  I got to Orient point shortly before sunset and I anchored and was off to sleep..

The weak front that passed through...

New York

19 - 20 June 200 NM

Delaware to NY 160NM
Gravesend Bay - manahaset Bay 40NM

We departed anchorage and had the tide against us for the till about 1200, then it turned and we got a nice bit of help.  We left the Delaware and headed up the coast, Nordic Belle was off to see friends and I was off to Rhode Island as I had started taking on water, fortunately it was really a small amount and it wasn't getting any worse.. The wind picked up shortly after 1400 and it was blowing 15-20kts pretty much till 2000 and then it died down to about 10kts. We passed Atlantic city just after sunset.  That night I didn't get too much sleep as that is quite  a busy stretch of coast and there was always some vessel within 1NM.
Sunrise - red sky at dawn..

I was originally thinking about going to Rhode Island on the outside as it would be quicker, but the weather forecast for that trip wasn't looking good so I opted to go through the sound as I had plenty of protection and I could stop for some sleep.. I made quite good progress and arrived at Gravesend  Bay, just off Coney Island at about 1400, where I anchored and waited for the tide to turn, so I could make my way through the East River to Long Island sound.

I managed to chat to Janine, she is on the round the world Clipper boat, they were leaving for Island, I got to see the fleet set sail past me..

I spent about 2 hours at anchor and although I was sleepy, I decided not to sleep and so I set off at about 1530 I set off and about 100m north of the Brooklyn bridge, I heard a thump - I looked back and there was a bloody big railway sleeper, which I guess I had just glanced off the hull.  I looked around the boat and established I had incurred no damage.  The trip through the east river was quite nice a nice way to see New York, passing under all the bridges reminded me of being a a cathedral... I managed to navigate the east river wihtout further incident and found myself in Manahaset Bay, shortly before sunset, with just enough time to stuff my face and get some uninterrupted sleep (which was pretty awesome).

Atlantic City
 A full moon that night..
 Yet another sunrise...

 The moon retiring after her shift..

New York..
Brooklyn Bridge

Approaching Gravesend Bay - the Clipper fleet were setting off to Ireland

CV31 - Janine's boat
 The last of the fleet on her way..
 NY in the distance..
 Ans we are off, first one is the Brooklyn bridge..

 Manhattan in the distance..
 Lady liberty on the left Manhattan ont he right..

Lady Liberty
Up the east river we go..

 Just past Hells gate, the current was up to 4kts now, with me...

 The last of the bridges and cool lighthouse

Seatree - they have these things out for berds to chill out - they have red ones too, but the birds don't like them too much I have noticed..

At anchor in Manahaset Bay, for a good night's rest...