Friday, 7 August 2015


5 Aug, the wind was of helping someone else, do the slave had to do it's bit.. It was a short day, however there was a steady 0.5kt current. I put my fenders out expecting to go into the harbour and meeting Ian and Shelly.. That was not to be, the harbour was full and no Ian and Shelly.. I left and needed to dock add the wind was locking up and dark clouds were on the horizon.  I did my first drop anchor and tie to shore.. I set the anchor was asking for help, one person waved indicated that he needed to put his clothes away another (due to miscommunication went of, he did come back and apologised profusely). In e end, set the anchor, swim ashore and tie her up. I was pretty happy with the outcome. Next day the man can round and insisted on helping for not doing so previously(not clothes Dude). I did my walk adding the boat and noticed rat droppings on my deck.. I did notice that lots of boats had rat fenders on their lines.. So I added to my to b di lost, buy large funnels to put on lines - no more unwanted guests on boat!

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