Saturday, 5 September 2015


1 Sep, we set off from Katapola at 06h00, a bit early but we had to get to Rhodes - 66NM away and the forecast was for not very much wind. I opted to go round the northern part of the Island as the wind was coming from the NW and it was slightly shorter. The waves bouncing off the land weren't too bad, but in hindsight, I should have taken the southern route as that was the lee shore.. We successfully rounded Amorgos an the forecast being wrong again, we had wind off our starboard hind quarter for most of the way and we made good distance. On the way to Kos, we saw a largish turtle about 75cm big - second bit of wildlife in Greek waters, the other was solitary dolphin that swam with me for a couple of minutes on the way to Levkas. As we rounded the southern tip of Kos, the wind went from 6kts to 30kts - WTF... it continued like this till we reached Kampos on the SE tip of Kos, there it dropped to 8.. The Aegean is certainly and interesting place to sail, that much has to be said.. The following day, we departed for Rhodes..

Looking at Kampos
Leaving Kampos
The Sun about to report for duty..

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