Thursday, 15 October 2015

Marmaris to Rohdes

7 Oct - We provisioned the day the on Tuesday and after a Turkish breakfast, we set off, the first port of call was going to be Rhodes, as we had to clear customs and we were entering the EU.  We left Yatchmarin and headed for the customs dock, after presenting all relevant documents, and applying for the VAT refund, we were off. The sail to Rhodes as pretty uneventful with the winds 15-20kts off the beam and with sea of 0.5m chop.. As we approached Rhodes, the wind picked up slightly, and we got into Mandraki Marina.  Clearing customs uniquely Greek experience (Portugal 20 years ago, everything in triplicate) - a real mission...
Rhodes harbour
First step, is to go to the harbour police, black dot ( on North of chart, close to throne of Zeus), pay 15 Euro, fill in a special, arrival crew list (a format similar to the departure one they had me use a month ago was not acceptable) - pay 15 EUR. Then go to the Passport and Customs the lower black dot, pay 25 EUR, get customs forms and then go back to the harbour police.. On returning to the harbour police, I was informed I needed a DEFKA (cruising permit for Greece) - I explained I was just passing though and didn't need one.  Fortunately, another coastguard officer, intervened and after some to and fro in Greece by the two officers, they agreed I didn't need a cruising permit as I was just transiting (besides the tax offices were closed and I was leaving beofre they opened.

Early morning, just before breakfast
Looking down the pontoon - berth H38

 This boat had so much stuff on it, unclear what it was used for, but looked like a bit of a hoarder.. Boaters do it too..

Walking to breakfast, the restaurant is in the corner

Back from breakfast and off..

Farewell Marmaris 
 Marmaris, is definitely worth a visit..

Passenger port on Rhodes, on way to passport control
Docked in Rhodes, off to dinner
 We got up early and were under way by 08h30, the sunrise was quite something..

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