Friday, 13 May 2016

Great Guana Cay

30 April

We went ashore for dinner and to see the main event of the regatta. Afterwards, we went back to the boats and stopped off at Nordic Belle for some Moon downers..

Farewell Nordic Belle
1 May 
After a good night's sleep I set off to Nassau. The plan was to stop somewhere along the Exuma bank and the following day continue on to Nassau.. I awoke with the wind forcas of 10-15 and it was blowing about that, off the beam - which meant was going to be an easy day's sail.. 

 After 50 or so nautical miles, I stopped at Great Guana Cay - the earliest I could get over to the western side. I was averaging 6-7 kts of boat speed which was nice.. I arrived shortly afer 15h00, dropped anchor and went for a swim... I had BBQ pork chops which were nice... An early night and off the following am...

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